Presenting your space

Presenting your space


First let me ask you if you monitor your enquiries and where they come from? If you do not, then you should as it will provide you with a clue as to where you are successful in your marketing efforts and where you need to make improvements.

Secondly, once you have this data, do you check how many appointments to view you get from the enquiries? Is the percentage high or low? And if it is low, ask yourself why?

Finally do you calculate the conversion ratios both from enquiries and from viewings?

The vast majority of enquiries now come via the internet in some form and your web site plays an integral part in this process. Good presentation and good photographs are essential but recently there have been a number of articles about video presentations which show just how important an original video presentation can be to sell your space. You can also publish it on You Tube and other social media to raise awareness of your centre. It can also be useful if you are struggling to persuade prospects to arrange an appointment to view when you can email them a copy of your promotional video

I recently had one prepared by ‘ The Visual Business Group’ who have produced some excellent presentations for a range of businesses and you can view it on my web site

Once you have arranged an appointment, it is essential that you prepare in advance of the tour and the Business Centre Association have an excellent presentation entitled ‘The perfect tour’ which will guide you through the process.

If you would like some informed advice about your business centre, please contact me on 07879485898

About the business centre specialist

Tom Stokes is the UK's leading specialist in the development and management of Business Centres, Managed Workspace and Serviced Offices. A Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS), with nearly 40 years experience in property and the majority of that experience in the flexible space market, he comes with a wealth of experience. Quite simply, there is nothing in this sector which he has not experienced. In 2000, he set up Evans Easyspace, retiring from the company at Easter 2011. He built up the company from scratch to having 58 business centres throughout the UK and was the leading provider of new, quality small offices, workshops and self storage units which were let on genuine easy in, easy out terms. The Evans Easyspace brand is highly respected and the company is also one of the most efficient in the sector. He is a firm believer that small businesses want flexibility and that is what he can advise on and deliver in a way which will help your business grow. He is also a past Chair of the Business Centre Association (bca), having joined the Board in 2003. He is a life member of the bca and still advises the bca on certain issues.
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